Edete has developed an end-to-end artificial pollination service comprised of 2 steps that mirrors the action of honey bees – collecting and distributing pollen:

Step 1: Pollen Harvesting
Bee colony
(1) Edete mechanically harvests flowers, (2) separates the pollen from the flower, (3) then stores the viable and germinable pollen for more than one year using our proprietary method, overcoming the problem of desynchronization of different cultivars' blooms. (4) Ensures fertilization and fruit setup by matching the best pollinizer with each commercial variety regardless of the timing of their bloom, guaranteeing, and even increasing, crop yield.
Managed bees
Step 2: Pollen Distribution
During blooming, the stored pollen is loaded into Edete's proprietary high-efficiency artificial pollinator which disperses dry pollen on the trees. The 2B  tm pollinator uses LIDAR sensing to algorithmically reach as near as required to each tree contour, and use electrostatic deposition onto the targeted flowers. Edete's 2B  tm mechanical pollinator units can operate day and night, rapidly and thoroughly covering any open flower in its range and are not limited by daylight or low temperatures conditions.



almond growers .png

Developed open and cooperative relationships with leading almond growers in the main almond markets - USA and Australia


 Developed proven pollen preservation methodology maintaining pollen's viability and germinability

pure pollen .png
Developed pure pollen large scale production process & prototype including:
  •  Unique large-size dryer allowing wide range of process parameters
  • Germination Quality Assurance process


Developed 2Be .png
 Developed 2B tm - third generation of mechanical pollinator prototype;
  • Full-size with high-level precision and autonomous capabilities
  • Controlled dry pollen dosing



Constructed two pollen production facilities in Israel and in Australia 


Successfully demonstrated Artificial Pollination fertilization that increased yield in almond orchards.