Edete has developed an end-to-end artificial pollination service comprising 2 steps that mimics the natural pollination process: 1. collecting and 2. distributing pollen:

Step 1: Pollen Harvesting and long preserved pollen bank
Bee colony
Edete mechanically harvests flowers,  separates the pollen from other flower parts, then stores the viable and germinable pollen for one to several years using its proprietary method.
Edete’s pollen bank enables adaptation to climate change by overcoming the problem of desynchronization of different cultivars' blooms. It also ensures fertilization and fruit setup by matching the best pollinizer with each commercial variety regardless of the timing of their bloom, guaranteeing, and even increasing, crop yield.
Managed bees
Step 2: Pollen Distribution

Edete's proprietary high-efficiency autonomous         TM Artificial Pollinator disperses all natural dry pollen on trees. The        TM pollinator uses a fully controllable dozer that enables the precise dispersal of single grams or parts of grams of pollen per tree, while preserving  pollen viability and using electrostatic deposition onto the targeted flowers. Edete's         TM mechanical pollinator units operate day and night, rapidly and thoroughly cover any open flower in its range, and are not limited by daylight or low temperature conditions. It can be easily adapted to match any tree size.



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Developed 2Be .png
Developed 2Be .png


First commercial Artificial Pollination service for 500 acres of pistachio in Bakersfield area, 2022.