Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture is solving the world’s ever-growing pollination challenge with a high-efficiency Artificial Pollination as a Service solution that will soon provide optimal pollination services to companies and growers.

By reducing the deficiencies of erratic and dwindling insect-based pollination, Edete’s controlled and manageable Artificial Pollination solution has been proven to increase the yield of almond orchards.




To provide the world with a Plan B for the insect pollination challenge, using advanced technologies to provide artificial pollination as a service.


Eylam Ran
CEO, Founder
Keren Mimran
Marketing & BD, Founder
Ori Inbar
Chairman, Founder
Elad Etgar
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Asaf Borenstein
Engineering Manager
Dr. Gal sapir
Senior Horticulture Researcher
Dr. Zvi Rosenstock
Senior Physics Researcher
Dr. Zvi Asaf
Senior Analysis & Research Engineer
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Rafi Agami
Mechanical Engineer
Oded Drori
Mechanical Engineer
Gili Loven
Research Assistant Horticulture
Research Assistant Agrotechnology
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Florence Chevalier
Office Manager
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